NEUF wins Grands Prix du Design 2013 Award

NEUF wins Grands Prix du Design 2013 Award

We are proud to announce that for a second consecutive year, NEUF architect(e)s has received a GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN award. Recipient of an award in 2012 for a commercial project, we received this year’s Award for Offices, 20,000ft² and under for the new NEUF architect(e)s offices. This wonderful recognition highlights not only the design quality, but the new image of NEUF architect(e)s as well, expressed throughout the space.
Located on the 32nd floor of a downtown Montreal high-rise, NEUF architect(e)s’ new offices seduced the jury members with its innovative signage on the windows, a unique element that contributes to making this project a creative success. With the intention of reinforcing its new identity, NEUF architect(e)s developed Portfolio 360. This innovative concept consists of graphic signage placed directly on the exterior windows to highlight the firm’s many built projects dotting Montreal’s skyline. By treating the exterior as an element of design, Portfolio 360 adds an educative and creative dimension to the exceptional panorama of NEUF architect(e)s’ offices.

The jury also noted the project’s inspiring blend of contemporary and classical architecture. Located in a private banking institution’s old offices with traditional wooden interiors, NEUF architect(e)s’ new offices reflect the firm’s vision by harmonizing the old and the new. The luminous and stimulating environment is created by the juxtaposition of preserved classic elements with minimalist and transparent materials.

The contrast between the old and the new, combined with the compelling view to the horizon and the innovative signage make this project a unique showcase of the firms many talents and expertise.

Congratulations to the whole project team!

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