Since 2002, NEUF architect(e)s has been entrusted with building and renovating more than 100 IGA grocery stores across the province.
Several branches
Commercial, Architecture
Surface area
25,000 ft² to 50,000 ft² / 2,327 m² to 4,645 m²
More than 100 completed

The project involved a huge number of retail branches, all located within differing contexts and environments. We thus had to take into account the specific guidelines of each municipality, all the while ensuring coherence and harmony of IGA's new brand and architectural identity.

Another challenge was to carry out these renovations without affecting business operations (notably at IGA located in Complexe Desjardins, downtown Montreal), which meant following strict hygiene and safety regulations.

Today, thanks to our experience with IGA, we’ve become experts within the field of grocery store design and renovation.

Photo credit : Alex St-Jean