Launched in 2009, the Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM) project was a colossal undertaking. In fact, it was the largest health-sector construction project in North America with 772 private rooms, 39 operating rooms, and more than 400 clinics and examination rooms. The project is the result of over 10 years of work and is the largest public-private partnership in Canada to this day. In collaboration with CannonDesign, we developed the architecture and interior design of the project – from conception to realisation and site supervision. Spread over two full city blocks in downtown Montreal, the 22-storey complex is targeting a LEED Silver rating.
Montreal, QC
Institutional, Mixed Use
22 + 5 underground
Surface area
3M ft² / 278,709 m²
Phase 1 completed (2017)
CannonDesign (all the project's phases)
LEED Silver targeted
Awards and distinctions
+ 30 awards and distinctions, notably : 4x WAF Finalist (2016.17), 2x Inside Festival AZ Awards (2017), Architizer A+ Awards (2016), Archmarathon (2017), 5x Grands Prix du Design (2018), 2x Interior Design Best of the Year (2017), 2 x CISC Awards (2017), 3x LEAF Awards (2016.17) and more!
Our task was to insert a 3,000,000 sq. ft. hospital complex into downtown Montreal without affecting daily operations of the adjacent Hôpital Saint-Luc. Initially, only 55% of the project was to be completed in Phase 1. However, with the help of our collaborators, we reconsidered the program and were able to complete 85% of the project in one single phase and deliver a fully functional hospital. Office space, auditorium, library and parking are planned for Phase Two.

To facilitate day-to-day operations, we established an on-site task force right in the middle of the action. With more than 500 employees working on the architectural components alone, coordination between all parties – designers, engineers, clients and builders – required the latest in communication and data management tools. Real-time network collaboration, coding and parametric design, BIM and 3D printing became part of our everyday toolkit.

Ten large-scale works of art were incorporated into the architecture of the hospital itself. The CHUM project now claims the greatest concentration of public art in Montreal since Expo 67.

A series of 9 short films explore the material cultural of the CHUM’s construction site.

Photo credit : Adrien Williams

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