NEUF + 12 Directors

NEUF + 12 Directors


Montreal, June 29, 2022 – On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, NEUF architect(e)s appoints 12 Directors to lead its various teams and deepen its leadership structure. This important announcement marks an essential step in the firm's future as it continues to grow significantly in all practice areas. The new structure integrates into an already successful framework while strengthening the firm’s recognized expertise across the country.

"The directors were chosen for their outstanding track record and leadership quality. These individuals have been part of NEUF’s evolution for many years and it was a natural step for the firm to formalize their involvement in order to continue expanding successfully."–Bruno St-Jean, president and partner architect of NEUF, on behalf of the 13 partners

The appointment of the new Directors recognizes the continued efforts and commitment of remarkable individuals who have contributed to NEUF’s vision of excellence and international growth, expanding upon an already established reputation as one of the most prominent architecture and design firms in Canada. The wide range of profiles and expertise reflects the spirit of openness that has been a key characteristic of NEUF since its founding in 1971, and one which will be maintained as a cornerstone of future development. The Directors’ respective efforts will support the thirteen partners’ work and teams in different ways: complementary design skills, integration of leading-edge technology and sound business management.

13 Partner Architects + 12 Directors (from left to right): Frank Puentes, Charles-André La Violette, Annabelle Beauchamp, Anh Le Quang, Kim Pham, Louis Cormier, Guillaume Lallier, Guy Caron, Hugo Gagnon, Pablo Gaston Cadiz, Jean-François Boucher, Marie-Christine Nadeau, Jean-François Trahan, Evelyne Cardinal, Bruno St-Jean, Anne-Marie Charlebois, Amélie Arel, Rainier Silva, Azad Chichmanian, Dominique Martel, Lucien Haddad, Antoine Cousineau, Chantal Déry, Christopher Ilg, Lilia Koleva. Photo credit: Bénédicte Brocard

Amélie Arel, Interior Design Director, has been supervising a team of designers specializing in residential, hotel, and commercial projects. Over 20 years, her team has delivered thousands of units, constantly expanding its exploration of technology and the everyday use of virtual reality as part of its design process.

Annabelle Beauchamp, Design and Brand Director, has been shaping NEUF's communications since 2005. After contributing to the successful delivery of the CHUM submission, she helped create the signage for the Montreal offices (Grands Prix du Design and Grafika) and is currently leading the firm’s 50th-anniversary campaign.

Anne-Marie Charlebois, Corporate Interiors Director, specializes in workplace design for international corporations and government agencies, including the headquarters of Montreal law firm Fasken (winner of the DNA Paris Design Awards and a Grands Prix du Design), Google MTL and Unity.

Chantal Déry, Finance and Administration Director, oversees a team of management, accounting, and human resources professionals to support the firm's activities, which have tripled in size since her arrival.

Charles-André La Violette, Technical Director, acts as a firmwide resource for construction supervision technologies, which he developed across large-scale projects over the years, including the CHUM and the Pratt & Whitney assembly plant at Mirabel airport.

Dominique Martel, Technical Director, delivers residential, institutional, leisure and retail projects that shape Quebecers’ daily life, including more than one hundred IGA grocery stores across the province.

Evelyne Cardinal, Ottawa Office Director, oversees the firm’s activities in the National Capital region. Working with institutional and residential developers alike, she will soon deliver the first residential tower connected to the O-Train, the capital's new light rail system.

Guillaume Lallier, BIM Director, put the firm at the forefront of technological integration years ago by bringing his expertise to the CHUM project team, at the time one of the largest Revit models developed. Today, he oversees a team responsible for the firm’s digital standards, the ongoing training of all personnel and research into the work methodologies of the future.

Jean-François Boucher, Information Technology Director, built the firm’s IT network into one that anticipated remote work years ago, connecting our multiple offices seamlessly and ensuring the company always operates at the highest level of performance.

Marie-Christine Nadeau, Proposals Director, created the first department entirely dedicated to responding to the ever-growing volume of requests for proposals from both public and private clients, as part of the firm’s strategy to continue to broaden its activities.

Pablo Gaston Cadiz, Digital Design Director, has been leading a team of architects and designers since 2005 to develop projects in their early stages quickly and efficiently through the evolving use of the latest digital design tools.

Rainier Silva, Technical Director, implements the firm's quality control protocols, overseeing an internal peer review system that benefits from lessons learned across the firm’s hundreds of projects annually, including such complex projects as the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec (CHUQ).

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