Awards and distinctions Prix Habitat Design: Espaces Communs, Choix du Public, 2019 and more!

Located in the pulsing Bell Centre neighbourhood, The Solstice is a residential tower that mediates between the vastly different scales of downtown Montreal. The 34-storey tower is comprised of two intersecting volumes clad in contrasting shades of glass. Balconies fill the voids left by the volumes at opposite corners, offering privacy and shelter to these outdoor spaces. 

Montreal, QC
Residential, Architecture
Surface area
282,070 ft² / 26,205 m²

The tower rests on a podium comprised of brick, red oak and white concrete – recalling the ground level context and neighbouring buildings.

Within the podium, you will find the residential lobby and a ground floor restaurant. On the upper floors, Club 1030 offers a wellness centre with a spa, indoor pool, terraces and a lounge. 

The project unfolds along a pedestrian walkway linking l’Avenue des Canadiens and Overdale street behind a 20-meter high colonnade. This colonnade is mirrored at the crown of the tower, a strong architectural gesture that nods to skyscrapers of the past.

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